Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Reader's Workshop Notebook

Happy Wednesday!  I'm teaming up with Ideas by Jivey to share with you an idea for a workshop within my classroom.

This week, I'd like to talk about our Reader's Workshop Notebook which is known as a Literacy Notebook in my classroom.  This notebook is the heart and soul of our hard work during our literacy block.  We use the notebook to record Shared Reading lessons, Reader's Responses and Station work.  As part of our supply list, it is asked that students purchase a five-subject 5 Star Notebook.
I know what you're thinking..."How can you ask students to purchase such an expensive notebook?" Well, my team has found that this is the only notebook that can with stand our literacy love and last the entire year.

Since the notebook has five sections, I have found success with having:

  • Shared Reading (1 section)- Students use this section to record their thinking from strategy driven lessons.  For example, students may record on this inference chart that we used when we read the book, Something Beautiful.                                                                                                                                       
Frame: Purple Chalk Frame-It's a Wicked Good Life
  • Reader's Response (2 sections)- In this section, students write weekly responses on our read aloud book.  These responses include a current summary and the use of two read strategies that demonstrate their thinking.  Below is a graphic organizer (which can be downloaded from my TPT store) that I often use with students.
  • Station Section (2 sections)- The final section is used for when students are at stations and I'm meeting with guided reading groups.  The students are responsible for recording their work to show a quality use of their time when they're not meeting with me.
I hope that this provides a helpful idea on how you can organize your own notebooks.  Feel free to link up and share your ideas!


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