Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Little Things I Learned from Teaching

Happy Tuesday!  I'm linking up with Miss Kindergarten for her 10 Things I've Learned from Teaching Linky Party.

1.  I'm not a mom, but I've been called one multiple times during the school year.  

2.  Having eyes on the back of your head is only a trick for teachers!

3.  The copy machine is going to break down when you REALLY need it so be prepared!  Likewise, the laminator is going to start running out of film leaving you with a rocking new sticker that says "film is running out."  AWESOME!

4.  When you think you're ahead of the game, you're not!  I constantly feel like no matter what I cross off my to-do list something will be added on and that's okay because there is ALWAYS tomorrow!

5. During the day, I feel like I'm rocking 15 different jobs and I LOVE IT!  Nurse, air traffic control, teacher, scientist...etc.

6. I think everyone has said it, but it's important.  The custodians and the secretaries are your best friends so treat them kindly.

7. Clean up your mess in the microwave!  You're mom does not live the teachers lounge and will not be there to clean up your mess.  Gotta love when you get those all staff emails. 

8. Take time to be silly and laugh.  It's those random moments during the day when I can't help but just kick back and laugh.  I wouldn't trade those moments at all!

9. A smile has so many different meanings, but the most important one is thank you (even though it's often not said).

10. I love my job!  I never dread Sunday nights knowing that Monday morning is rolling around because I love what I do.

What's on your top 10???


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