Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shared Reading Lessons

I can always tell when August rolls in because I feel like I never have time to blog anymore.  The time that I once used in the morning to blog is now filled with me racing off to school to setup my classroom.  This week was no different, however it was very productive.  One of my biggest accomplishments was getting started on planning some Shared Reading Lesson.  You see, my teammates (Wiley & Barrett) are what I call the "Shared Reading Queens."  For the past few years, they've been teaching a Shared Reading class to teachers within our district and I can honestly say that attending their class has made a HUGE difference in my classroom.  The lessons that they offer are broken down into 5 days with a pre-reading activity, during reading discussion questions/activities and post-reading writing ideas.  They've recently started a Teacher's Pay Teacher's account and are now sharing their lessons with all of you.  I would highly recommend that you take a look at their store and give their freebie lessons a try.

Here are some of the lesson that they have available...



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  1. This is my first summer blogging, but I can totally relate to your sentiment about August arriving and no longer having time to blog as much! Oh well! :0) ~Deb
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