Monday, January 14, 2013

Tell Me Something Good

Well, the temperature has not climbed above the 30 degree mark and so I'm in the mood to look for something good with Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade.

Something Good From School: I have two good things to share.  I'm currently directing the 4th and 5th grade play called Once Upon a Mattress   We are one month from our opening night performance and the cast is doing a fantastic job.  My second goodie from school is that my teammate just welcomed a healthy, happy baby boy on Sunday.  Welcome to the world, Parker! 

Something Good From Home: My gallery shelves are finally up at home.  I found another inspiration picture on Pinterest and I quickly got down to business creating my own gallery wall shelves to hold all of my family photos.  Check that off the list!

Keep your head up and STAY POSITIVE,


  1. A school play, huh? That sounds exciting! When do you find the time and energy? In addition, actually making things from pinterest!? You're amazing!

    1. Aw...thanks! Some how I find the strength, but I really only have time to make the creations off of Pinterest on the long breaks from school. I'd never find the time during a normal week. :)

  2. WOW- you're directing a school play?! That's AMAZING! I hope you post pics of your new wall. I need some inspiration! We're going to start house hunting in a few weeks. I'm dreaming of a Pinterest house. Neat and tidy and crafty! Ha!

    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. Check the updated entry. I've posted a picture of the gallery wall. I need find some new frames for the wall, but for now this will do. :)

      I love your interests...neat and tidy and crafty!

  3. Your blog is so cute and I love the name! So glad I found you from this linky!
    I'm a proud new follower!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby