Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust... Linky Party

Today was M Day of our ABC countdown which means that we have 13 days left!  I'm so excited that summer is right around the corner, but I have a TON of work to get done before that!  EEEKK!

I thought that I would join in on the fun of a Linky Party thanks to Amber at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher.  Here's my Great and NOT so Great from this year.

The Great
1. Technology
It's been an amazing year of patience and trials with my new technology.  I wouldn't change a thing though.  The kids love it and it has challenged me as teacher to learn more about technology and the power behind it.

2. Shared Reading teammate and I decided to make a change for the benefit of our students.  We ended up changing our schedule so that we'd be teaching shared reading lessons 5 days a week versus the 2-3 days that we originally had it scheduled.  I love the change!  Our discussions are stronger and the kids are spending more time talking about great text.

3. Blogging
I didn't learn about blogging until January when I decided to take a "Cool WEB tools" class through my district.  Since then I've become...okay, I'll admit it....obsessed!  It's amazing what you can find and the amazing ideas that teachers have to share. 

The NOT so Great

1. Reorganize and cleaning my classroom

This summer I will not only be moving classrooms, but I'll also be changing grade levels.  Instead of teaching 4th grade next year, I'll be teaching 4th/5th multi-age.  I'm very excited for the change for multiple reasons.  One reason being the chance to reorganize and create a clutter free classroom with the help of Clutter Free Classroom.

2. Continued Education with Technology

I'd really like to work on creating more lessons with SMART notebook that I can use in the classroom..

3. New Curriculum


My district is making the move to adopt a newer version of Everyday Math and the Traits Writing program. This means that I'll been spending time around the pool trying to learn as much as I can about this new curriculum before August!


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