Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tune Into Technology- Reading

I'm back at it joining Learning to the Core and iTeach1:1 for their Tune into Technoloy Linky Party.

For this week, the focus is all about Integrating Technology into Reading.  To do this, I'd like to introduce you to the app, Tellagami.

Tellagami is an app that allows you to create and share a quick animated video called a Gami.  Tellagami has two versions that are available.  A free version and Tellagami EDU ($4.99) which is the classroom paid version that allows no in-app purchases.

I came across Tellagami while taking one of my PD classes.  Surprisingly, I had heard about Tellagmai before, but had not explored it.  I'm glad that I did take the time to explore it because this is an app that I believe would be suitable for all grade levels and students would have a blast creating their own animated videos.  

Having explored the free version, I'm definitely considering making the purchase of the EDU version, because the free version has very limited choices in terms of creating your avatar without making a purchase.

Now, how does this connect to reading???  Here are some of the quick ideas that I've come up with:
  • Students create a book review regarding their favorite book and they can create the avatar as the main character.
  • Select a character from a book to tell a story or recent an important event.
  • Pick a person in history and have the students create an informational video.
  • Students can recite their favorite poem. 
Be sure to check out the video below that I created as a means for introducing my new position this year.



  1. I love tellagami! I had my students using it - and they love it. Teachers also love it because it can grab the students' attention:)


    Technology Timeout

  2. I must check this out! Love all of your ideas for using Tellagami in reading. Thanks for linking up.:)

    iTeach 1:1