Monday, June 16, 2014

First Official Monday Made It- Summer 2014

I'm starting my week off right with my first official Monday Made It for the 2014 Summer.  This Monday Made It is a big accomplishment for me because I just hosted a bachelorette party for my BFF who is getting married in two weeks!  EEKKK!  Can't believe that it's happening so soon!

For her bachelorette party, she wanted to go country line dancing!  So, I went with a classy girl country theme.  
The Flower Vases
I created these country flower vases with a classic canning jar from Michaels.  In the middle, I hot glued laced ribbon and then followed up with a pink ribbon bow.  Topped off with some babies breath and it was the perfect floral arrangement for a bride who hates flowers. 

Country Wine Glasses

I skipped the normal party cup and created these lovely party favors that people were able to take home.  Using the classic canning jar from Michaels, I ordered the bronze flower lids from Jane and then topped them off with colored string and name tags.  Keep in mind that this was a bachelorette party (hence the reason for the naughty straws).

Mantle Creation

Last, but not least, I use some string and clothes pins to create a "recipe line."  Each guest was asked to bring their favorite recipe to share with the bride and I used the recipe cards as part of the decor.  In the center, I used an extra veil that we had to hide the clips that held the string to the mantle.  

All in all, the party was a huge SUCCESS!  We had such a blast and I'm so sad that it's over.  Now, I'll have to plan another party just so that I can start "crafting" again.


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